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2010-04-28 16:56:22 by landmass45

For the past weeks I've been studying like a dog. Finals are coming up and if i don't get high scores on my tests, well there goes college. I haven't found time to draw something really good but here's a sketch for an upcoming drawing i hope to finish. Its a man in a desert or what seems like a desert hopefully I'll find some time to work on it. Another thing if you guys can drop me some ideas of what to draw that would be helpful and i would really appreciated it right now my minds full of school work.


well friends or not friends, dont expect anything from me, i got the equipment and the time to make animations or to make great art but .......... I don't have the will. I will submit some stuff but it probably won't be colored, Im a little lazy when it comes to adding color to my art. Here a sketch of a slug from space if it makes you guys happy.

dont all ways have the time nor thewill